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Projecte Escola Plurilingüe

Computer science

COMPUTER SCIENCE. 2nd ESO. Escola Sant Jaume de la FEP (L’Hospitalet del Ll.)

Activity: Creating and completing a google site about Computer Science using the  English language.

Description: The teacher has created a google site for this subject, with different tabs including the main topics to develop to achieve the most important goals. The teacher introduces the project to the students and explains them the tasks to do.

For example, in one of the activities the students have to  write accurate definitions for the given main words. This vocabulary is the essential one to work in class. The students have to search for the information by themselves and the teacher checks and corrects their possible mistakes.

Objectives: Getting students involved in the importance of using  English for learning Computer Science.

Encouraging pupils to communicate in English with the teacher, as well as interacting with classmates.

Frequency: Once a week (one hour) with half class (about 15 students)