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Alumnes de 2nESO al teatre

TEATRE 2nESO. Hitchcock

TEATRE 2nESO. Hitchcock


On January 22nd the students of 2nd ESO went to watch a play called Hitchcock . It is a comedy musical based around the films of legendary film director, Alfred Hitchcock.
The play is set in a film studio where film producer,Louis Beymeyer, is trying to produce a new film. It is very important that his next film is a hit as he has had a series of box office flops. He decides to cast movie stars, Casey Grunt and Grice Keeley, as his leading actors. His only problem is that he doesn’t have a director. He meets Hitch, the runner, and decides to give him a chance to direct a film. He gives them a week to make a movie and tells them it must be a hit or the failing studio will close.

Hitch comes up with various ideas for films (based on real films made by Alfred Hitchcock) .
Hitch’s first film plot is ‘The Birds’. In this film a town is attacked by vicious birds. Hitch’s second idea is ‘Rope’. This film is about two college students committing a murder to prove how clever they are. The actors reject this idea, as they think it is too ridiculous.The next film is called ‘Rear Window’. In this film a photographer, who has broken his leg, watches his neighbours through his window. His neighbours include a ballet dancer, a concert pianist and a lonely lady. The final film Hitch suggests is called ‘Psycho’. This film is a thriller about a man who has a split personality. When a secretary visits his hotel, he stabs her while she is in the shower.

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